David Hockney

Whew, was I excited when I was called upon by german “art” magazine to shoot some portraits of David Hockney!
Making time for a photo shoot proofed a wee bit difficult however, because of David’s busy schedule.

He suggested meeting at his studio on the eve of his departure for Europe after premiering a collection of film works for a very selective audience. ( Jeffrey Deitch and Florian von Donnersmark in attendance with about 25 other guests)

I didn’t mind to be among the chosen few so we all agreed.

After being introduced to David Hockney, I couldn’t shake off this thought: “Here’s a man that really digs his smokes!”
Interesting, that smoking once again conjures the image of a rebel.  Dressed in a dapper grey suit David graciously greeted his guests while smoking away.

He proceeded to showcase his latest works-  some charming light hearted pieces as well as some rather monumental works.  Our interaction was lamentably brief, cut short by circumstance.

Still, it felt pretty damn great to shake the man’s hand!

More images from this photo shoot are available upon request- Please inquire within!

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