Diana Thater

I have been wanting to photograph Diana for quite some time. We only live 2 blocks apart but never run into each – especially since neither Diana nor I are jogging types, or dog owners, for that matter. It took a couple of years but we were finally able to meet up early December 2012  for an awesome little photo shoot. While I was mulling over a few locations, it suddenly hit me and I came up with a bit of a paradox idea. The old Los Angeles zoo! If you know Diana and are familiar with her impressive body of work,  it is a no brainer how she feels about zoos.  To say that she despises them is an understatement.

This zoo was built in 1912 and abandoned in the 60’s because it’s habitats were deemed too small. Another understatement.  When I first saw the place, I was reminded of some ancient temple ruins, but more in a fictional way. There’s a bit of a stagelike quality to it, somewhat eery and unreal.

The more I thought about it the more it made sense. Photographing Diana in that location was the way to go. Talk about some juxtaposition! And she totally rocked the place…..!



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