Last Cowboy Standing: Llyn Foulkes

Last November I had the wonderful privilige to photograph the great Llyn Foulkes in his L.A. studio for german “art”magazine.
The story hasn’t run yet which is why I won’t be posting any of the pics just yet, but I wanted to share this video that I shot on my iphone( !)
After getting a tour of the studio, Llyn treated me to an inpromptu performance on the “machine”- I was floored! It totally made my day, and I have watched it many times since. You can actually hear me cheering at the end!

We hung out for a few hours just talking, before I even took out the camera. Llyn was extremely patient and gracious enough to let me shoot for a couple of hours- Maybe because of all the leftover Halloween candy that I had brought with me?

Ah, I had such a great time! One of the reasons why I love photographing artists: It’s never boring! Llyn’s studio really is a trip! I have a hunch I will be posting images from this session very soon. Even though Llyn is a VERY busy man and was in the middle of prepping for shows he was kind enough to indulge me. The result can be seen soon in “art”.

Llyn’s work will be prominently featured at the Dokumenta 2012 in Kassel, Germany, which opens on June 9th. Go See it!!!

The Great Llyn Foulkes from Sabina McGrew on Vimeo.

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