Mark Mahoney- L.A. Neon Noir

I met Mark first a year and a half ago when doing a story on him for german SZ-magazine. The godfather of the L.A. tattoo scene and owner of Shamrock Social Club on Sunset has always gracefully managed to navigate a social gamut ranging from gangbangers to A- listers.  Probably the most sought after tattoo artist in Hollywood and beyond, he hangs out with Johnny Depp, like, a lot.

The imagery he conjures when talking about his past is sinister and hypnotic. Knife stabbings galore, gang disputes, punk rock in NYC.  His voice drops down to a slightly hoarse sotto voce. Not a bad way to keep the pain at bay.

Someone needs to make a movie about this, I’m thinking while secretly admiring his blue-ish bouffant.  Italian tailored suits complimented by fancy purple ostrich leather shoes with even fancier socks. I see rings, cufflinks. Full blown dandy regalia. He’s the only person I know that drives an Avanti. They just don’t make them like this anymore.


A selection of images appeared in “Ramp Style” magazine and AMG magazine’s “Driving Performance”

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